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Proudly serving Hershey's Ice Cream

Craving something sweet in Hanover? Swing by for our mouthwatering Hanover PA frozen treats.

Experience the taste of nostalgia with our old-fashioned ice cream at our Hanover dessert shop.

Located at:

110 Broadway

Hanover, PA 17331


One day a few years ago, a father was driving his daughter to basketball practice.  They were discussing what should done with Mom's soap shop that didn't survive the whole Covid crisis situation of the early 2020s.  The daughter said we should open an ice cream shop.  The father agreed.  Later on when they told the mother, she agreed.  All the siblings agreed too.  Now we have this ice cream shop and its stand up themed because Church of Satire Comedy Club is our other thing right next door.  We're excited to continue this experiment on Broadway in downtown Hanover, PA!! 


110 Broadway, Hanover, PA 17331, USA

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